Library Groups

Volunteer Group

If you are interested in helping at the library, at a Book Sale or in the Bookstore,  we have plenty of  projects that we need help with!   Our programming increase 70% last year, but staffing did not.  Volunteer applications may be downloaded here or picked up at one of the libraries in the Pope County Library System

PCLS Bookends Book Club

Join us for monthly book discussion on the third Monday of each month at 6pm! Book discussion takes place next to the Russellville Library in Heritage Hall, which is the old library building. You can check out the book club book at the Russellville Library starting a month before the meeting.  For more information, email Jennifer at or call the library at 479-968-4368.


River Valley Writers Group

Are you a local writer?  Interested in meeting other writers from the River Valley Area?  Join the Writers’ Group!  They meet every Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. in Heritage Hall. For more information on the Writers Group contact Sherry Simpson at 968-4368, or email

Teen Writers Group

Teen Writers Group meets at the Russellville Library every Tuesday from 4 p.m.-5:15 p.m. This group is open to local area teens, where they get to interact with a published author and also learn about writing based scholarships and contests. For more information on the group, contact Elizabeth Lilley at 968-4368 or email

Teen Advisory Board (T.A.B.)

All Branches: Meet 1st Week
Tues: Dover | Wed: Atkins  | Thurs: Hector  | 4th Mondays: Russellville

The T.A.B. is comprised of young folk from all over the county, representing Russellville, Atkins, Dover, Hector, and Pottsville. The groups meet up at their respective branches and decide the fate of the YA Section – Books, Programs, Games, Decorations,– it’s all up to the T.A.B. We’re currently in the process of contacting all  interested parties and planning a T.A.B. retreat in the near future to get things started.

So look ahead to a year of YOU! The YA staff can plan events and order books until we’re blue in the face, but it doesn’t mean a thing if YOU don’t like it, so we’re putting the power in your hands, you rascally youths, you! Welcome to the team, and here’s to an awesome year with the TAB!

Get your T.A.B. Application Here: (TAB Application )


The TWAB (Tween Advisory Board)

We want to give the tweens a place where they can have a voice! This tween advisory group is available to have members, typically around ages 8–12 (Grades 4-6), help provide input on library programming, implement programming ideas, recruit other tweens, provide order suggestions, create book lists, and                    provide feedback on events. This group will meet once a month at the Russellville Library at 4:30 PM.

For more information on this group contact, Emily Moore at 968-4368, or email

Updated: September 28th, 2015