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Key :
A – Arkansas
AC – Atkins Chronicle
AFH – Arkansas Family Historian
AG – Arkansas Gazette
AHQ – Arkansas Historical Quarterly
B – Biography
CD – Courier Democrat
CCHQ – Craighead County Historical Quarterly
DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution magazine
DPD – Dardanelle Post Dispatch
DT – Dover Times
G – Genealogy
JCHQ – Johnson County Historical Quarterly
PCHA – Pope County Historical Association
PCHQ – Pope County Historical Quarterly
PD – Dardanelle Post Dispatch
UDC – United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine
V F – Vertical File
YCHQ – Yell County Historical and Genealogical Society Bulletin
b. – born
d. – died
m. – married
Jno. – John
Robt. – Robert
Thos. – Thomas
Wm. – William
* – Indicates contact information available at library

Family Files – N

Sides, Roxie Madelin. Early American Families. Windston-Salem, N.C., 1963.

NANCE FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Information concerning Jefferson & Caroline Nance.
See – Hale Family.

NAPIER FAMILY (Ark 976.732)
Letter from Leone Doss Hogan giving family history of Amanda Napier Vaughan.
PCHQ vol. 15, No. 4, June 81. p. 171.

NAPIER FAMILY (Ark 976.732)
Records concerning Archibald H. Napier of McMinn Co. Tenn. ands Carroll County, Arkansas & Pope Co. Ark. Archibald Napier d. 1865.
Pope County Historical Quarterly, vol. 16, no. 2, Dec. 81, p. 76.

White-Wiley Imogene. Wallace-Napier.

NAPIER FAMILY (G 929.373 Ross)
Info : Archibald Dodson Napier, b. 1822 TN – d. 1865 Pope Co. AR – Archibald Hubbard Napier, b. 1784 Virginia; sp. Jane Carter.
Grass Roots by Margaret Ross, March 12, 1981, 3B.

NAPIER FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Dr. Patrick Napier of Virginia and related families by Vava Virginia Knepp.
Contributed by Mary Reed.

NAPIER FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Lineage of Dr. Patrick & Robert Napier. Contributed by Wilma Walsh of Van Buren, Ark.

NASH FAMILY (No Journal Listed)
Vol. IV, no. 2, p. 22.

NASH FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Clipping : “Aged Couple Visits” CD July 24, 1914.

Family group sheets listing Willis C. Nations (b. 1814, Miss Territory) & Nathianiel Nations (b. 1788 S.C.) AFH June 81, p. 106.

NEAL FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Display added by Rye Motors. CD Aug. 4, 1985.

NEAL FAMILY (Ark 976.732 Pop)
Carrie Bell Neal’s Civil War experience; Pedigree chart.
PCHQ Sept. 93, p. 5.

NEAL FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Clipping: Mrs. Martha Neal tells of Cotton Ball of other Days …
(V F – Fam. Hist.)
Display added by Rye Motors (Property once belonged to T.M. Neal)
CD 4 Aug, 1985. p. 5.

NEAL FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit: Grady Neal, 83, of Russellville. CD 10 Mar 83.
Obit: Henry Neal, 56, of Dover. CD 10 Oct. 1984.
Obit: Joe Wesley Neal, 74, CD 28 July 1981.
Obit: Lila Emerson Neal, 88, of Russellville. CD 2 Dec. 1979.
Obit: T. M. Neal, 74, of Russellville. PD 10 Nov. 21.
Obit: Wm. G. Neal of Russellville. PD 6 Feb. 1930.

NEAL FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Clipping : “Plans under Way to Make 40 Conf. uniforms.” (Col. T. M. Neal)
40 Conf. Uniforms.” (Col. T. M. Neal) AD Sept. 2, 1960.

NEAL FAMILY (G 929.2 Hod)
Hodge, Clara Neal. The Neals and their Descendants by Clara Neal Hodge.

NEAL FAMILY (G Ark 929.2)
Information on the George Washington Neal Family.
Ar. Fam. Hist. V. 17, no. 3, July, Aug, 1979. p. 192. p. 194.

NEAL FAMILY (Ark 976.73 Pic)
Photograph : James Neal and hist father Grady Neal at Rave depot in 1940’s.
Pictorial History of the AR River Valley, vol. 2, p. 28.

NEAL FAMILY (G 929.2 War)
Ward, Shirley Wimpley, 1943- Lester, Neal, and allied Families / compiled by Shirley Wimpey Ward. – [Anadarko, Okla.] (316 W. Georgia. Anadarko 730050) : S.W. Ward (1987) 292, vi p. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm. “March 1987.”
Bibliography : p. [270]-[272]. Includes index.
1. Lester Family. 3. Neal Family. I. Title.

Marriage record of S. L. Neal to Eliza Paton, March 31, 1981, Van Buren County, Arkansas.
Marriage record of W. J. Walls to E. J. Neal, January 30, 1906, Conway County, Arkansas.

Neal Family research (Samuel and Eliza (Napier) Neal) PCLS researcher, Matt Friend, 2014.

NEASE FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Notes: Vera Nease of Atkins, Thomas Freeman, Grady, Clara Boyd & Mrs. Ben Pupsta. Mary Sue Ewing Collection.

Oklahoma Indian Territory. Ted Hall. Franklin Co.

NEELY FAMILY (Ark 976.732 Pope)
Will of Samuel Neely of York, S. C. 1841.
PCHQ Sept. 93, p. 47.

NEEPER FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Joseph Neeper & Ezekiel Boggs (letter regaring).

Letter from Sharon Pack Neill regarding Lockie Neill and John W. Neill. January 13, 1998.

NELSON FAMILY (Ark 976. 732 Pop)
Mrs. Martha Ann Neal relates how she went to a Cotton ball in 1860’s.
PCHQ Dec. 95, p. 13.

Bremer, Gladys Nelson, The Nelson – Brown Genealogy of the U. S.
Privately printed by the auhor, 1960.
Supplements. 1964.
1. Nelson Family. 2. Brown family.

NELSON FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
The Olaf Nilsson’s who migrated from Sweeden to Ill in 1903 and later settled in Pope Co. Ozzie Nelson is a descendant.
From A Builder for Time by Lois Lawson Morris.

NELSON FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit: Beatrice R. Nelson, 78, of Russellville. CD 13 Mar. 81/
Clipping : Gref Nelson focus Val Mac. CD 20 Mar. 79.
Obit: Lillie Mae Nelson, 90, of Russellville. CD 24 Mar 80.
Obit : Mary Agnes Nelson, 90, of Russellville. D 21 Mar 83.
Obit: Maude O. Neldson, 90, of Ola. CD CD 25 Aug. 1982.

Raymond, Edith Madeline. German Burnett (G.B.) Kyle of Logan County, Arkansas and his Wayne County, Tennessee ancestors : Duckworth, Kyle, Nesbitt, Staggs, Wilson, and their descendants and allied families. – [s.l. : s.n.] 1990. 410 p. ; 28 cm.
1. Kyle family. 2. Duckworth family. 3. Nesbitt family. 4. Staggs family. 5. Wilson family. I. Title.

Family data from Mary Sue Ewing Papers.
See – Bostick Family

NEWBY FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
See – Armstrong Family
Material of Viva Moore.

NEWBY FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Steve Newby: 2012’s Best Photographer. The Courier 27 May 2012.

NEWELL FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Newell to celebrate golden anniversary. CD 12-28-1978.

Wooten, Carroll E. Wallace, McElwee, Black, Newman, Cooper, Maupin, McKee Families. C. E. Wooten, 1989.

NEWMAN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Computer printout: Descendants of Michael and Margaret (Standridge) Branch.
See – Branch Family.

NEWMAN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Jonathan Newman, b. 1764 and d. Barren Co. Ky 13 July 1844. (DAR Application papers).

Carroll Wooten Collection, Binders 6, 8, 14, & 15.

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Newmann of Russellville celebrate 50th. CD 1-22-79.

NEWTON FAMILY (Ark 976.71405)
The Newtons of early Washington County, AR. (Who was Naoma Newton)
Flashback February, 1985. p. 28.

NEWTON FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Wm. Harvey Newton b. Ga 1801, moved Johnson Co. Ark. by 1835.
Paper contributed by Anna Page Fields.
Clipping: Mrs. Elsie Elizabeth Sheffield Newton wife of K. K. Newton, displays bonnet associated with family history. Courier? 1960.
Vera Dean Ross Collection.

NEWTON FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit: Janie Cromwell Tate Newton, 100, of Russellville. CD 30 Mar. 84.
Obit: Marguerite Abel Newton, 89, of Russellville. CD 21 Oct. 1985.
Clipping : Mamie Bee Newton honored on 90th birthday. AC 26 Jan 1983.
Obit: Myrtle Page Newton, 90, of Hector . AC 18 May 1983.

Letters from Myrtle Edmonson & Mrs. E. D. Bishop of Harrison, AR.
See – Tate Family.

NEWTON FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
The Wm. Monroe Harvey Newton Family by Earl Frederick Newton of Johnson & Conway Cos. also Tippah Co. Miss.
Newton Tire Co. 33rd anniversary CD 6-13-84.
Contributed by Piney Page.

NEWTON FAMILY (Ark 976.732 Pic)
Photograph: Shelby and Tillie Jane Stanford Newton with Children.
A Pictorial History of the AR River Valley. Vol. 2, p. 8.

NEWTON FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
The story of Larkin Newton. Pages 14-18-Fall 2000 issue. Searchers and Researchers (Ellis County Texas).
Ebenezer Newton of Johnson Co. adopts Frances Meadlin. Act of the General Assembly of AR. Nov. 24, 1856.

Clark, Jemmie Newton. Pioneer Newtons of Southwest Texas and Genealogies, 1959.

Obit : Rev. Wm. C. Nichols, 84, of Russellville. CD 30 Nov. 1952.

NICHOLS FAMILY (G 929.373 Ros)
Info : James Samuel Nichols, sp. Mary Elizabeth Boyer; bur. Center Ridge, AR.
Grass Roots by Margaret Ross July 12, 1979. 8 B.

Computer printout : Descendants of Robert Louis Nichols 1843-1920.

Clippings: Charles A. Nichols of Moreland & Third tradition followed.
AC 10-18-78.
Miss Elizabeth Nichols marries Charlie Hartwick. AC 2-12-26.
Annie Bell Nichols marries J.G. Miller. AC 11-27-25.
Rev. & Mrs. Will C. Nichols of Russellville celebrate 60th. CD Sept. 27. 1982.p. 5.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Nichols of Delaware celebrate 50th. PD 1-30-75.
Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Nichols & Mr. & Mrs. Warren McGuire celebrate 100 yrs. of anniveraries. PD 6-8-77.

Obit : Bailey Van Nichols, 89, of Pelsor. CD 17 Nov. 1978.
Obit : Bill Nichols, 90, of Bluffton. CD 13 Mar. 85.
Obit : Burl J. Nichols, 76, of Logan & Yell Cos. PD 27 Nov. 1958.
Obit : C. V. Nichols, 59, formerly of Yell Co. CD 29 Nov. 1979.
Obit : Donna Nichols, 79, of Tulsa & Johnson Co. CD 21 Dec.1974.
Obit : Hattie Nichols, 89, of Moreland. AC 20 Apr 83.
Obit : James Nichols, 21, of Dardanelle. PD 22 Apr. 1965.
Obit : Melford I. Nichols, 59, of Dover. CD 19 Dec. 80.

Nichols-Belt 25th Annual family reunion. Courier June 17. 2007.

Reedy, Jane. Nicholson / Janie Reedy. – [s.l. : s.n.] 197 p. ; 28 cm.
1. Nicholson Family. I. Title

NICHOLSON FAMILY (Ark 976.732 Pop)
Estate of J. J. Nicholson : will drawn in 1835 Crawford County, Arkansas. Rev. in 1839. PCHQ March 93, p. 53.

See – Armstrong Family.
Material of Viva Moore.

Letter concerning James Wright Nicholson who moved to Galley Rock, Pope County ca 1857.
See – Armstrong Family.

Letter of Inquiry concerning J. N. Nickles who lived Atkins, Arkansas.

Clipping : Descendants of Carl & Sophia Mueller Niemeyer have reunion.
CD 13 July, 1983.
Clipping : Niemeyer Clan holds reunion. CD 2 Sept. 1982.

NILES FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Clipping : Mrs. C. F. Niles of Russellville, veteran teacher retires.
CD 25 May 1967.
Obit : Charles F. Niles, 61, of Russellville. 6 Oct. 1956.
Clipping : Gladys Niles honored on 90th birthday. CD 27 Oct. 1985.

NILSSON FAMILY (Nelson) (Ark 976.732 Pop)
Olaf (1886-1954) Nilsson, an artisan & builder born in Sweeden. Moved Rsvl in 1910. (Houses built by Olaf in Rsvl – Bungalow at So. Lawn Heights; Louis Hoods house on Commerce; Edward Huggler’s house, Queen Ann Revival house on West Main (Galloway House, John W. White house.)

NIXON FAMILY (G 929.2 Stu)
Sturgeon, Mary C. Family: Roots, Ties, & Trails. River Road Press, 1991.

NOEL FAMILY (Ark 976.732)
Wm. C. Noel bought 80 acres at Atkins end of Crow Mt. from B. D. Langford on Jan. 23, 1860. (Reference to deed only, from newspaper article.)
PCHQ V. XIII, no. 1, Sept. 1978, page 32.

NOLAND FAMILY (Nolen) (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit: Mrs. Laney F. Noland, 73, of Russellville. CD 10 July 1983.
Obit : Arlie Ray Nolen, 63, of Hector. CD 20 Dec. 1979.
Obit : J. F. Nolen of Dardanelle. PD 10 June, 1909.
Obit: Former mayor J. M. Nolen, 70, of Dardanelle. PD 18 July 1940.
Obit: Mrs. Lottie Robinson Nolen, 24, of Dardanelle. PD 25 Feb. 1926.

NOLEN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Pedigree chart concerning Rebecca Gullick Nolen b. Dec. 13, 1821 in Gaston Co. N.C.
See – McKenzie Family.

NOLEN FAMILY (Noland) (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit : Robt. Wm. Nolen, 89, of Dardanelle. PD 28 Feb. 1957.
R. W. & Elizabeth Nolen of Dardanelle celebrate 55th. PD 10-21-53.

NOLEN FAMILY (G 929.2 Cla)
“The Caleb Davis and Franklin Nolen Families,” Arkansas Pioneers and Allied Families, Vol. I, p. 334, by Mrs. Larry P. Clark, 1976.

NOLES FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Family group sheet: Vernon & Janice Parrish Noles. Vernon b. 1926 Stillwater, AR; d. 1948 Rsvl., AR.

NOONER FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Family data contributed by Mary Humphrey.

NORDIN FAMILY (Ark 976.732 Pop)
Ancestor chart : Wm. Jennings Nordin, John Wm. Nordin, George Henry Nordin of Pope Co. PCHQ June 1980, p. 173.
PCHQ Sept. 1980, p. 6 +.

NORDIN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Clipping : 55 descendants of Hampton, George Henry, & Wm. Nordin hold reunion. CD July 16, 1985.
Clipping : Nordin reunion (John D. & Susan D. Nordin came to Arkansas from Carroll Co. TN ca 1850.) CD June 19, 1980.
Clipping : Rev. & Mrs. James Roy Nordin of London celebrate 50th. CD 4-7-85.

Hackworth, Oma. Our Nordin families of Pope County, Arkansas. – Russellville, Ar. : Mrs. O. Hackworth, c1981. 318 p. : facsims. ; 28 cm.
1. Nordin family.

NORDIN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Photocopies: Photographs of Hampton Webster Nordin and George Henry Nordin – Civil War Soldiers.
Contributed by Oma Hackworth of Russellville.

NORDIN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
PCHA Contest entry : The Nordin-Moore Family by Kevin Nordin of Dover.

NORMAN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Mr. & Mrs. Elbert “Rabbit” Norman of Atkins boserve 50th. CD 10-31-82.

Cobb, Dora Norman. The Norman Family Tree, 1978.

NORRIS FAMILY (Ark 976.732 Pop)
Samuel Norris indenture. PCHQ Sept. 7, 1967 p. 4.
See also : Circuit Clerk’s office, Deed bk. A p. 156-157.

NORRIS FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
PCHQ essay contest entry by Kelley Norris. (John and Sarah Ann Norris lived in Carroll Co. Ky; moved to Delaware Co. Indiana in 1839)
(V F – Fam. Hist.)
Document: Susan Norriss vs Joseph Brearly. March 14, 1859.

AFH June 81, p. 115.
Bible records concerning Patrick Henry Norris (b. 1821)

NORRIS FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Family group sheets contributed by Lewis Billings.
See – Billings Family.

NORRIS FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Norris, Samuel. Photograph of Samuel Norris, b. Apr. 1, 1788.
(Norristown was named for)
See – Fam. Hist. – Ferguson Family.

NORRIS FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Clipping (obit) CD

NORRIS FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Scott & Skaggs Family Genealogy & History.
See – Skaggs family.

NORRIS FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit : Ada McAnilty Norris, 86, of Russellville. 9 Nov. 1983.
Obit : C. A. Norris, 83, of Atkins. AC 4 Jan 1978.
Obit : Samuel Norris, 68, of Norristown. No date.
Clipping : Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Norris of Rsvl. observe 60th.
Clipping : Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Levi Norris will celebrate 50th anniversary.

NORTON FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit : Lucille Woodry Norton, 93, of Little Rock. ? 1980.
Clipping : Iddo P. Norton of Russellville builds home with Carnegie Award. CD 13 Jan 1916.
Obit : Ella Belle Norton, 65, of Atkins. CD 12 Apr. 1985.
Obit: Ellis Aaron Norton, 56, of Dover. CD 9 Feb. 1983.

NORTON FAMILY (Ark 976.715 L)
Lackey, Walter F. History of Newton Co., Ark. p. 367.

NOWLIN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Photo: Wade Nowlin Family ca 1913. AC 7 Sept. 1977.
Descendants of Bryan Ward Nowlin, Sr. b. Oct. 8,1740 in Boone Creek Pittsylvania Co. Va.

NOWLIN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit : Telitha L. Pope Nowlin, 71, of Atkins. AC 23 Sept. 1981.
Obit : Evelyn E. Nowlin, 55, of Blackwell. CD 14 Mar 1983.
Obit : Ila Mae Nowlin, 59, of Russellville. 31 Mar. 85.
Obit : Ricky Nowlin, 20, of Atkins. AC 27 July 83.
: Jesse Nowlin, formerly of Atkins. Aug.-Sept. 1991 AC
Clipping : Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Nowlin will celebrate 50th. AC 12-10-80.

NOWLIN FAMILY (Ark 976.732 Pop)
The Benjamin Franklin and Lucinda Nowlin family from Bedford Co. Tenn. & Pope Co. Arkansas. PCHQ March 2000, p. 42.

NOWLIN FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Notes : Benjamin Nowlin family. Shady & Mattie Nowlin of Gum Log.
Mary Sue Ewing Collection

Prentice, Ada B. Bowden.
Memoirs : My Memoirs of 98 years in Arkansas & Texas, 1875-1973. The Author. 1973. 140 pp.
T. 1. Prentince Family. 2. Nowlin Family. 3. Bowden Family. 4. Austin Family. 5. McAnally Family.

NUGENT FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Manuscript : Getting to Know Us, a family history by Suzanna Watkins Smith.
See – Watkins family.

NUNLEY FAMILY (Nunneley) (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Obit: Marie Nunely of Dardanelle. PD 6 Mar. 52.
Obit : Mrs. J. C. Nunneley, 64, of Ft. Smith. PD 17 Aug. 33.
Obit : John Nunneley of Dardanelle. PD 23 Oct. 1930.
Obit : Mrs. John Nunneley. PD 17 May 1928.
Obit : Missouri Diana Nunneley, 86, of Dardanelle. PD 8 Feb. 1923.
Obit : W. B. Nunneley, 85, of Dardanelle. 3 Apr. 1933.

NUNLEY FAMILY (V F – Fam. Hist.)
Mr. Raymond Nunley of Dardanelle celebrates 100th birthday. DP 22 Apr. 76.
Descendants of Joseph Spurlock and Laura Ellen Wilmoth “Nunley Meet in Dardanelle. PD 15 July 1976.

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