Our Mission:

The Pope County Library System is committed to serving all patrons in the Pope County area who are unable to acquire books directly from the library.  The Pope County Bookmobile will assist in the challenges of bringing library material out to the public to enrich and encourage the joy of reading. The bookmobile offers reliable sources of assorted library material which can be delivered to institutions and homes throughout the Pope County area.

Pope County Bookmobile Brochure

Books by Mail:

Qualifying patrons may participate in our Books by Mail service which provides access to library material through the Free Matter for the Blind and Physically Handicap legislation.  This program will allow participants to borrow books or magazines in large print, music CDs, books on tape or CD, and playaways from the library, via mail. This is a free service to those who qualify. Participants are required to fill out a Books by Mail application in order to receive service and must be completed by a certifying authority. For more infomation please view our Library by Mail brochure.

Library by Mail applications can be picked up from one of our libraries or may be printed out here: Library by Mail Application.

Senior Citizen Programs:

The Pope County Library System is committed to providing outreach to our Pope County senior citizens living in assisted living facilities or nursing/retirement centers.  This outreach provides active programs as well as library material to seniors. For times and schedules please check our monthly schedule at the bottom of the page.


The Pope County Bookmobile makes requested stops to schools in need of library services.  These schools include public, private, homeschool and preschools in the Pope County area.

For more information about any of our Bookmobile services, please contact Tammy Montjoy by phone at 479-968-4368 or by email at




Updated: January 4th, 2013